Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall Trend We Love: The Dressy Sweatshirt!

One of the most rewarding trends for fall is the dressy sweatshirt!  And by rewarding I mean cozy, flattering, versatile and instantly gratifying.  Pair one of these tops with jeans to create a chic and updated outfit! The pieces at the top are from Splendid and both have a little bit of shine in the yarn.  The bottom left boucle sweatshirt is from Three Dots and often makes the list of bloggers top-dressy-sweatshirts of the season.  See what I mean here at Lucky.  And that gorgeous number in the right corner is the newest delivery from Velvet!   All these pieces are in-store now, as well as other version from Layla Jaide, Only Hearts and Allen Allen.  For more inspiration on the dressy sweatshirt, read The StyleList blog.

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