Saturday, August 30, 2014

For your Labor Day party!

Make an impression with the prints you love!  This tunic looks stunning with classic denim or with a skinny black jean.  The color is fantastic!

Last Weekend of our Summer SALE!

Hi Ladies!  Yes, this is the last weekend of our SUMMER CLEARANCE!  We are open Saturday & Sunday, but will be closed on Labor Day!  Don't miss out!

One for you, one for your BFF!

Our new accessory line Papaya is perfect for you and all the chic women in your life who deserve to be spoiled with beautiful gifts!  Pretty, smart print bags with a sassy little tassel.  Love!

Your chic and casual holiday weekend looks...

We all want to be wearing these looks.  Easy, current looks with lots of color.  Wear this bright sweater with Joe's distressed jeans.

Or this easy dress from the Dutch line, Yest with a bright scarf.  Great fall transition looks!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Map out your future...

We are thrilled when a woman walks in our store and says, "I am leaving for Italy tomorrow, and I need something beautiful!"  There is so much happiness in the anticipation of a trip.  It could be to Italy, it could be to the Cape, or it could be to the SOWA market on a Sunday morning.  We LOVE to fill the store with pieces that represent that emotion: a compass pendant, a map scarf.  Come wander around our shops to find your favorites.

"Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I myself am good-fortune,
Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing,
Done with indoor complaints, libraries, querulous criticisms,
Strong and content I travel the open road."
- Walt Whitman.  Passage from "Song of the Open Road"

Play it Again, Plaid.

Summon your inner New England woods(wo)man, and your past life at Catholic school.  The fall jacket and shirt trend is plaid!  We love this new arrival from Tulle, which combines a ladylike collarless jacket with a classic navy and red plaid. Here are some other images from NY Fashion Week!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Love this Look!

Tulle sweater, Joe's Jeans Skinny Slouch in Riri!  There is so much to love about this combination!

Join the Helena's Team! Assistant Manager Position is Open.

Join us!  Helena's is a growing business!  We are looking for a high-energy, dedicated, organized, fashion-lover for the Assistant Manager at both Helena's locations.  The role of Assistant Manager is first and foremost to provide the highest level of customer service to shoppers in the store.   In operations, the Assistant Manager’s primary role is to assists the Store Managers in the day-to-day business of the store.  At least three years of retail experience is required, with a preference for women's apparel.  

 Responsibilities include: 

-          Provide excellent customer service to all patrons, visitors and neighbors entering the store.
-          Set standard of service for Sales Associates. 
-          Effectively manage customer feedback.
-          Take leadership in learning features and attributes of new products.
-         Lead in the training of new hires.
-          Advise Managers on inventory at both locations based on customer requests, selling trends, and optimal merchandising at each locations.
-          Work hand in hand with store management to plan and execute monthly directives, store events and sale events..
-          Research new brands and products at Manager request.
-          Research rewards programs at Manager request.
-          Organize and maintain staff manual content.

Please send a resume and detailed cover letter to Katherine at

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Staffer Christy has a Bella Dahl love affair.

When Christy arrived on her first day at the beginning of the summer, she was wearing a Bella Dahl shirt from her own closet.  We said something like, "Oh, Girl, we can set you up." And she hasn't looked back.  Here she is wearing a print denim top from the line with her Prairie Underground Denim Girdle Leggings!


We have it bad for owls.  Who doesn't (hoo?).  Come see our our collection of printed fabrics, accessories, bags and ceramics!  

What I see in my dreams...

There are pieces, often dresses or tops, that exist only in my imagination.  It can be the perfect fitted poplin button-up in a shade of dark army-green that I can't find in the marketplace.  Or a camel herringbone coat that I want someone, (anyone?!) out there to produce at a good price.  And then there are the graphic knits that drift into my dreams in September.  I love the principles of color in a vintage Missoni sweater dress, with the darkest zigzag stripe positioned at the waist.  Perfection!

This April, I missed a fall buying show.  Chelsea and Jess went and when they came back they were thrilled with the preview of a knit sweater dress from Kerisma.  Chelsea found a tiny photo in a lookbook to show me, and Jess lovingly described the piece as 'LiaMolly-ish" (a beloved New Orleans sweater line that is no longer producing garments).  Last week, when it arrived in the store, our lovely staffer, Sasha, tried it on.  With her cascading blonde hair and cherry red lipstick, she looked gorgeous.  Sometime, dreams come true, in delightful little ways!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Part of the art of dressing is picking the right accessories.  A big component of choosing wisely is having a big selection to choose from.  We have LOTS of extremely well-priced accessories.  The idea being, that if you get a new top, dress or sweater, you can choose a beautiful necklace, earrings or bracelet to go with it, without spending a lot.  And did I hear you say you like scarves?  Oh, girlfriend, we have piles of lovely colorful scarves on every table!

Love. This. Look.

What you wear expresses something about yourself.  Wear the pieces you love, every day.  We are experts at combining color, print and texture into something unique, beautiful and wearable.  This outfit is not only special, but combines pieces that can be worn in so many different ways.  Pair the top with Joe's Slouchy Skinny distressed jeans.  Wear the skirt with a crimson drapeneck top and a black blazer.  Wear the necklace with a simple white tank and black jeans.  We LOVE a versatile outfit that leads to a new world a fashion opportunities!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Helena's Welcomes Louie & Lucie!

Looking for your favorite new line?  We've found it!  Dutch company Louie & Lucie combines color, vintage inspiration and soft movable fabrics to create a line that is perfect for our shop!  We are thrilled to have the fall line in the store.  Come shop their dresses, skirts, sweaters and jackets!  For more on this line, click here!

Just a little something...

Big colorful statement necklaces, small pendants, bracelets, locket rings, and earrings big and small are all new!  Come see the newest jewelry deliveries!

The advanced fit technology of DL1961!

We just received our second delivery of this denim line and we are in love!  The denims are soft and luxurious with amazing return on the stretch!  Here's the DL story:


In September 2008, DL1961 launched in New York City with a mission to create "the perfect fitting jean", using the revolutionary technology XFIT LYCRA®. The collection is designed for those who simply demand more from their denim. Our jeans are crafted from technologically advanced fibers that move 360 degrees. These fabrics make DL jeans the perfect garment to wear 24/7 all while looking effortless, chic and stylish.


We believe that denim is universal and no one should be deprived of a perfect pair of jeans they can wear 24/7. So, no matter what your body type is, we have something amazing for you.


Our design team is devoted to creating the perfect fit for you season after season. We are constantly improving, innovating and changing the way you perceive denim and what you can do with it.

Effie's Heart is Back for Fall!

Vintage hot-air balloons, stipes, florals and butterflies are the fall print palette for fall.  The classic Dolce Vita dress in new prints, and the 7-Year-Skirt in new colors!  We have a huge following with this little line!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Helena's is Hiring Sales Associates!

If you work at Helena's, this is your domain.  The glorious fitting rooms...where all the fashion magic happens!

We are hiring Sales Associates for both our Belmont and Arlington stores. The job requires weekend and weekday shifts.  If you are an enthusiastic, motivated and hard-working person who loves all things fashion, send your resume and a brilliant cover letter to Katherine at

Lilla P is at Helenas!

The beautiful line, Lilla P is at Helena's!  Come shop our new fall deliveries in Arlington!

The best underwear ever.

We have happily converted many many customers to Hanky Panky.  This one-size thong is constructed of super stretchy lace that stays in place and stays invisible.  No lines.  But we know you've heard this...Hanky Panky has been around for a long time!  We have great, seasonal colors and we have the boy shorts, too!