Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Send us a story about you favorite local business!

We, at Helena’s, miss you. We miss the everyday interactions with our community. The stop-ins, the compliments, the trend-watching, the gift pick-up, and the full-on seasonal wardrobe shopping! We know our business community needs a loving boost.

Tell us your stories about your favorite business in our neighborhoods of Arlington and Belmont. Is your favorite place Kickstand CafĂ© in Arlington? Or maybe Quebrada? Do you love Westcott Mercantile or Belmont Books? Maybe it’s Artful Heart or The Regent Theater. Write to us about your most beloved place in each (or one) community. Pour your heart out.  Sign it with your first name.

We will post these stories on Helena’s social media. And we will choose a favorite, one each from Belmont and Arlington and send that writer a $25 gift certificate to Helena’s. To submit, simply write us an email to

With heartfelt connection,