Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What I see in my dreams...

There are pieces, often dresses or tops, that exist only in my imagination.  It can be the perfect fitted poplin button-up in a shade of dark army-green that I can't find in the marketplace.  Or a camel herringbone coat that I want someone, (anyone?!) out there to produce at a good price.  And then there are the graphic knits that drift into my dreams in September.  I love the principles of color in a vintage Missoni sweater dress, with the darkest zigzag stripe positioned at the waist.  Perfection!

This April, I missed a fall buying show.  Chelsea and Jess went and when they came back they were thrilled with the preview of a knit sweater dress from Kerisma.  Chelsea found a tiny photo in a lookbook to show me, and Jess lovingly described the piece as 'LiaMolly-ish" (a beloved New Orleans sweater line that is no longer producing garments).  Last week, when it arrived in the store, our lovely staffer, Sasha, tried it on.  With her cascading blonde hair and cherry red lipstick, she looked gorgeous.  Sometime, dreams come true, in delightful little ways!

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