Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Expert Packer: The Dear Ms. J

Janet is good at at many, many things.  She is always current on the best new cafes and restaurants. And because she loves food, cocktails, and coffee, she is a brilliant order-er (I often have her request my meal and the order in which I eat it).  She is a masterful cook, who can quickly produce a four-course dinner of any tricky ethnic cuisine.  An Indian supper with homemade naan and fresh chutney?  Of course!  And, most significantly, she is lovingly warm friend and is loads of fun any day of the week.  To help me out, she once unpacked three boxes of leggings at the store made it into a hilarious party.

But, until this week, I did not know that Janet packs like a boss.  On Wednesday I picked her up early for her flight to join her family in Japan for two weeks.  Her husband had called from Kamakura the night before with the news that it was a steamy sauna.  So, she says, she simply packed less.  A light white woven shirt, a few tees and tanks, one pair of jeans.  And some essential skin care products packed in a zip-lock bag.  I am sure there is a print dress packed in here too, which she loves to wear.  The efficiency is baffling and terrifically impressive.

For her 13-hour plane ride she wore navy leggings and a coral striped shirt, with these shoes (OTZ cork linen slip-ons) which are a summer vacation essential.

And, true to form, in route to the airport, Janet told me and my 12-year-old son that on our way back from Logan, we have to stop off 93 in Somerville for the best-donuts-of-our-lives at Union Square Donuts.

Have a great trip, Ms. J!  

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