Thursday, July 31, 2014

An Abundance of New Accessories! The Managers Have Been Busy!

In one of your recent visits to the stores, you likely noticed that we have lots of new, beautiful and unique accessory lines.  Our store managers, Jess and Chelsea have been busily engaged in the search for new lines since the spring.  Yesterday, I opened the door to our Arlington office and found them knee-deep in fall samples with one of our favorite sales reps.  (I said a round of "hi" and backed out of the room...I know when to leave smart women to their business at hand.)

Some new lines we love: Atomic Soda (bags shown above), Blue Q, and the British company Disaster Designs.  All offer a fresh perspective on color, print, and design.  They are a great accompaniment to the fall apparel that is now arriving.  Enjoy!  - Katherine

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