Saturday, August 3, 2013

Switching Seasons: What Can Stay in your Closet

With any seasonal change, our first instinct is to see what's in our closet and assess which pieces need to be stored for the cooler weather. But don't bring all your summer styles up to the attic just yet! Adding some layers to a cute three-quarter length shirt is a great option during those transitional months. Hold on to those longer tunic style tops, throwing on a pair of leggings, boots and a cozy Prairie hoodie for a casual afternoon outfit. This fun, patterned Tulle top is a great piece to keep in your closet throughout the entire year because it can be worn so many ways. Having multi-seasonal pieces makes choosing what to wear so much easier, and what makes life easier makes us happier. Now is the perfect time to pick out some wardrobe trends that never end!

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