Saturday, November 8, 2008

We love Navy...sweaters, dresses, tops.

If you haven't noticed, navy blue is a hip hue. We love the color and have presented it in sweaters, dresses, and knit tops. However, Jessica and I have found that there are many fashion questions regarding what to wear with navy apparel. This is worth answering since navy is a flattering color on brunettes, red-heads, and blondes, and looks great with most skin tones. Here are some tips: Navy tops always look great with denim. Metallic accessories look fantastic with navy, and if you are into a boost of color, try red, yellow, or emerald green jewelry.

And on the big question of SHOES? There's lots of options, none of them requiring you to get on Zappos and ordering navy pumps (please don't do this). If you are wearing a navy top with a pair of jeans, accessorize with a great brown belt and a pair of brown boots (suede looking particularly chic). If you are wearing a navy dress, you could wear a pair of charcoal or navy opaque tights with a pair of black boots, ankle boots, or black Maryjane pumps. Sounds fabulous, huh?

One way to boost the impact of navy blue clothing is to wear shoes that offer a color contrast, such as ruddy brown, tan, cream, and white (especially in the springtime). And as I preview spring fashions, navy blue continues to be strong, and it looks great. Think navy with ruffles, navy floral burn-out, sleeveless navy dresses, all too good to be true. This top on the left is from the line Testament, which Helena's will be carrying in the spring. - Katherine

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