Monday, November 10, 2008

Jessica: Out and About in My Favorite Things

What a great way to spend a glorious Sunday. Checking out the latest exhibits at the ICA and sporting some of my favorite pieces from Helena's. If you haven't been to see Tara Donovan's work you should rush right over there. It's phenomenal. Donovan uses everyday items, such as straws, pins and scotch tape, to create gorgeous, organic, dreamlike sculptures, which left me delighted and amazed. She transforms her humble materials and awakens the viewer to the latent power inherent in even the most ordinary objects.
Here I am checking out her "Untitled" piece, made from suspended Styrofoam cups. I feel great wearing some of my favorite pieces from Helena's. My Prairie Underground cloak hoodie always makes me feel like a superstar and imbues any outfit with instant drama. I love my long snap bottom Effie's Heart leggings and Shiraleah bag as well. I put the leggings over my boots to create a longer leaner line (which I could always use!). Stylish enough to cavort around the museum in, and comfy enough to grab some nice schwarma at the Middle East afterwards (yum). Cheers to perfect Sundays!

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