Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mix your prints with ease.

Want to mix your prints like a boss? Here are key tips: 
- Find the common color or shade that you'd like to bring forward. Here it's black and white. It could be brown, if you are mixing a herringbone jacket with a plaid top. Also the common color doesn't have to match perfectly, just in tone.
- Mix size and scale. A bigger print, like the one in this black and white top, is best mixed with a smaller scale print like the all over, differentiated print on the scarf.  Think about this with texture, too.  I big patterned lace tank, can look great with a ditsy flower button up top.
- You can go two-tone, or bring in another pop color. In this look where black and white unites the patterns, we have bright orange, blue and yellow to compliment the look. However, a whole look of mixed print cream and cocoa, or cobalt and turquoise can be dynamic and dramatic, too.
- Don't be afraid to go head-to-toe mixed print and texture.  We love this look with a medium wash jean, but this would also look great with a black & grey tweed trouser, or a diamond small print legging.  
- Experiment! It's meant to be fun. Pull your favorite prints out of your closet and get started!

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