Thursday, September 19, 2013

Notes from the NY Shows: A Summary of Trends

This week, I spent a lot of time in this aisle.  I buy at the shows, but I also consult with designers and their representatives on projections of future (spring is many months away) trends.  Today I met with the team from Tulle (a trend-conscious line) and XCVI to assess.

Spring has a pretty color palette of a dusty light blue, pinks that range from pale to salmon, and yellow.  These are especially striking when paired with black, which they often are.  I heard the description "Bohemian Revival" to describe the style concepts, which though broad, is pretty accurate.

For now, settle into all that fall of THIS year has to offer: clean dark and black denims, the pretty "dressy" sweatshirt with lace detail, a woven shirt in forest green or charcoal, and the best blazer you can buy for the money.  You are in good hands.  Season after season, we will keep you looking fabulous!

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