Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dog Days. With Love, Gigi

Living away from home during the school year makes a girl really appreciate and miss what she's left behind. For the stretches of time that I am back, I spend most of my afternoons surrounded by beautiful clothes and wonderful people at Helena's. The best part about working so close to home is knowing that I'll be greeted by my trusty sidekick as soon as I walk back to the house. I've never seen anyone more energetic and enthusiastic to see me than my favorite roommate is at the end of the day. For six years now, he consistently remembers to greet me when I've been away from the house for anything more than two hours. Despite his hairy exterior and occasional bad breath, he always knows how to make me smile. He's an Australian Shepherd, and I call him Bailey (but sometimes just "Dog" for short).

Some of my happiest moments are shared with him, whether it be curled up on the couch watching re-runs of our favorite show, Sex in the City, or walking around town, enjoying the lovely (granted, sometimes blistering) New England weather. He's the greatest dog in the world, and the best friend I could ever dream of.

Give your little guy some love today. It's nice to remember how much you mean to them, and them you. That unconditional love can be hard to come by, and I'm sure he'll appreciate those extra minutes of belly-scratches :)

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