Thursday, September 20, 2012

Notes from the NY Shows. Day 1: Designers & Agents

The NY Spring Shows are in full swing this week!  Major apparel and accessory designers are showing their new visions for the early spring deliveries at Coterie, Moda, and Fame at the Javits Center, and also at the Designers and Agents show in Chelsea.  On Tuesday I landed at the D&A show to see our friends at Prairie Underground and to check out other new and innovative lines.  D&A is known as the venue for independent and visionary design houses.  

The show floor was alive with bright spring colors!  I love all the new handbag lines that are using recycled leather and textiles in their designs.


The D&A highlight is always seeing the folks at the Portland-based True Collaborative Fashion who represent Prairie Underground.   Tracey Forrest showed me the lovely spring collection with lots of fantastic new dresses and jackets that will be gracing our stores in February!  My favorites include the redesigned Frock coat, and the Sparrow shawl top.  We so love Prairie!

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