Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Freedom and Style of a Crossbody Bag.

On Thursday, I purchased one of our Fossil crossbody bags with the hope of simplifying the contents of my enormous leather tote. Like many women, the size and shape of my pocketbook has evolved in my life from woman-of-the-workplace (slouchy satchel), to new mom (backpack diaper bag) to working mother of three children (tote bag receptacle for my belongings + all the things my kids don't want to carry: water bottle, library book, shin guards, work-in-progress drawing, etc). I need my large totes, including my lovely KeyPer print tote that I adore. But I am seriously tired of carrying it as my primary handbag.

I happily transferred my wallet, cellphone, keys, planner, and my mini-make-up bag to my new black and brown Vintage Reissue crossbody bag (shown above). I strapped this beauty across my torso, over my Prairie Underground hoody and moved effortlessly thru my Friday workday errands. When I was lugging boxes into the post-office and shopping for new store fixtures, I miraculously had both limbs at the ready. And to access anything in my bag, I simply turned a latch, lifted a leather flap and instantly located my wallet, or answered my cellphone. It was beautiful.

We have all the above bags in the store now. Come in, pick you favorite, try it on and take a gander in our mirror. The woman looking back at you will be smiling.

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lamoda said...

stunning cross body bags. great work done on design and color. i liked the brown and black mix