Friday, September 16, 2011

Results of Spanx Leggings Field Test? A Fabulous Thumbs Up!

What could possibly be "new" in the category of leggings you ask? I had the same suspicions, so yesterday I slipped on a pair of new Spanx leggings to see what all the fuss is about. I put them on in the morning and found them easy to adjust. I pulled up the leg a little to go from an ankle length to a bit of a crop without any bunching or pleating. The knit material is SUPER stretchy in all directions, but with a strong return. Put it somewhere and it will stay there. I progressed through my day, ran errands, picked up my kids and then later went to a film showing with the fam until the late evening. All day, the legging stayed high around my waist and stayed smooth, with no sagging at the knees. The waist band is another true innovation, mostly in the fact that there isn't one. It fits with a light compression around the waist, and just stays up with no digging in or folding over. Amazing!

This is a slightly thick and very opaque knit fabric, which are two attributes I have been waiting for in a basic no-fashion-frills legging. By that I mean no zipper, no ankle snaps, no knit pattern. We have these embellished leggings from other brands, they are fantastic, but nothing beats the fit on this Spanx legging. The sizes run S, M, L and like all Spanx apparel, the size chart on the package is pretty accurate. My final judgement? This should be pulled into your fall wardrobe as your staple go-to legging!

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