Monday, November 9, 2009

Employee Picks For November: Jessica

Is it really November 9th already?
This fall is flying by. Here at Helena's we have been busy bees, stocking the shop with all sorts of fantastic finds for the the season. There are so many wonderful things that choosing just three was tough. Customers always remark that it must be dangerous to work here, and indeed it is. My paycheck is in constant peril!
Here are a few things that are tempting me right now.
1. Orla Kiely Large Tote Bag in Cutlery Print- My goodness! I love, love, love this bag. The large scale is great. I always find myself carting around way more stuff in the fall/winter....hats, gloves, a change of shoes for snowy days. You can fit it all in here. But of course, it's that print that really gets me, black background with white overlap cutlery outlines...Who else but Orla can create a bag with spoons and forks on it and have it look so chic?
2+3. Ripe Discs Tunic and Maternal America Dark Wash 5 Pocket Maternity Jean- I have always loved and shopped our maternity section. Now that I am actually pregnant it gives me all the more reason to indulge in some of these stylish pieces. The discs tunic from Ripe makes me very happy. I love the elegant line, it has coverage but I don't feel swamped in fabric. The fit is really great, and the bold print helps distract from some of that early pregnancy lumpage and bumpage.
Great jeans are hard to find when you are not pregnant, and even harder when you are. The Maternal America 5 Pocket Jeans are some of the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn.They have a nice wide band that is super comfortable and secure. The dark wash and long lean leg are very flattering. My OB nurse even complimented me on them at my last appointment!

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